Ending 2011 with a note...

11:19 PM

We are just seconds away from ending 2011. Maybe it was a year full of sadness, that people want it over with. Or maybe, it was a year full of happiness, that people don't want tonight to end. But, we are eventually going to face it. A whole new year...and the best part is, WE can decide whether we're going to loathe it, the same way we did last year, or whether we want to turn it into something beautiful.

I had a good year, with a lot of beautiful memories that I have created for myself and a lot of misfortunes. But, at this very point, I'm happy that they only made my life better than it was the previous year. I am happy for everything that has happened in my life. And I AM happy for the things that are going to happen in my life from tonight onwards.

And, this is dedicated to my little (an underestimated word) friend who is not in the country with us right now. He claims that he's going to see 2012 rise with a pharmacology book in his hand ( a bit of a nerd you see )... I just want to tell him this...

I have been with you, I hope, as a good friend right along... And I have told you loads of things and I'm going to tell you again,
We all miss you, and when you come down here, we will have all the fun the way we used to. Right now, just hang in there... Living away from home is definitely a hard thing. But the best part is, you are just hours away from coming back down here. And we look forward to it :) Just do your exams well and catch the next flight... We are here... to bear-hug you!

I wouldn't be doing justice to all my other friends as well, so here it is... which ever corner of the world, you are stuck in right now, just know this... I love you and I hope the very best to you in the upcoming year! But do come back soon... I am dying to meet all of you :)

Despite all of it, I'm ending 2011 as an unworthy friend to many. I am not going to apologize individually. I'm just taking this opportunity to say sorry to all I have hurt by words, actions or feelings.

There are many things I would want to share, but I don't think it would be the best of idea at the moment. Fire crackers and party all awaiting around me. So, adios...

Once again, May you have a peaceful and wonderful 2012 ahead.

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