My Christmas Wish

10:50 PM

It's Christmas tomorrow and there is this deep hollow within me. Last year, this same time, it was great. I had all my loved ones, near to me. But this time, just the absence of one, makes the festive spirit so very dull.

As a child, I used to write up this big list of things I wanted and somehow on Christmas, I would have them all under the Christmas tree. And that day would be the best day I ever had  in that year knowing that Santa was watching me and that liked me.

Even despite the fact that I know there isn't one, I just want to tell you Santa that, if there is anything that I would ask from you, it would be the fact that I want back my loved ones. Just maybe for a day. Just to see them, talk to them... maybe its too much to ask for, because they are better off without me, but still, that would be my Christmas wish this time.

Its a far fetched wish, but atleast I'm hoping and wishing, as a child, believing that there is a real Santa somewhere in this world to just make my wishes come true.

Merry Christmas. Make a wish. And may your wish come true

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