A smile could have saved him...

12:32 AM

Let me share with you what I read on the New Yorker some time back. A man in his thirties once jumped off from the Golden Gate bridge. When investigations were done it was found 
in his bureau back at his home a piece of note that read:

"‘I’m going to walk to the bridge. If atleast one person smiles at me on the way, I will not jump."

That post, as I was reading just moved me. We really could have prevented that suicide. We really could have helped him...

You see, a smile was enough to have made him go through that very day, and every other day as well. But why was it too hard for someone to just smile at him? Is mankind becoming just too busy to look at someone and give them hope? Or is it just another excuse in this fast evolving computerized world?

Start today. Make it a point to smile at people. It doesn't cost you anything. You are definitely doing a favor to them without your knowledge.

Smile. Maybe one more soul would change his mind before he reaches the bridge.

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