The Soul Mountain

4:02 PM

I was afraid of the dark, and still I am at times. But being alone is nothing new to me. At least I've learnt to face the dark ALONE.

When the real world seems, now how do I put it, hmmm, a bit too "real" to live in, there is this burning desire inside us (me) that we should have been living somewhere else. It was out of this frustration, I created this entirely new place within me. The Soul Mountain.

The term "created" would seem a bit too redundant here, because what I really did was not create it. I merely "found" it. It existed within me and I was just looking inside me... into my soul.

The Soul Mountain is literally a collection of past and present memories. Whenever I feel alone or dejected, I visit it, indulge in that serene atmosphere and relive those moments.

It is a place which offers everything my soul yearns for. And every time I fall, I just picture myself at the bottom of the mountain. Yes I need to attain wholeness, and I will rise to the peak one day or the other, hopefully. Chances are, you'd think I'm exaggerating. But that's the closest to how I can put it into words.

In my mountain, its the balance I look for. Every time I fall, I find the need to rise. And just when I feel like giving up the journey, I just think of the reason why I held on for so long. Balance...who am I kidding? I am a Libran after all. The scales are all I need.

However I do not turn a blind eye upon the misfortunes that lie within my sanctum. Failures, injustice, etc do seem to revolve in my life. But, there is this peace and comfort that I find within me now. Truth be said, memories are all I have got, and I feel proud of myself for having walked through them. How I feel now? UNDEFEATED!!!

If you really do feel dejected, that you need someplace very comforting, there is no other better place than looking inside you, like I did. However happy you are in this world, there is a world inside you that wants itself to be recognized, that wants itself to be let free.

Look inside you... and believe in yourself. You are closer to comfort and peace than you really think you are.

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