Was your birth a mere co-incidence?

4:48 PM

There are no miracles. I do not believe in such (nor do I believe in luck). So a being didn't come into existence for no reason. You were not created for the mere sake of being created. At least remember, you were that one sperm out of billions that won the race. You deserve a chance, just the way others do. Above all, you deserve to live and no one has the right to "kill" you.

So now I may ask, what is there for you to seek in this world? Well, whatever it is, you will seek it alone, that I am sure. If I'm not mistaken, I read a book sometime back which stated, "However much people you are surrounded by, you are still alone". Every man is alone no matter how many friends he has.

And back to the question. "What is there to seek?". Well, there is little you can seek, that is compared to this entirely huge universe.

There is no point being greedy or jealous because all you achieve at the end of the day are memories. Some good, some bad. Whatever you go through, and whatever life has to offer you, will eventually convert themselves into memories one day. But, live your life so that those memories find their way down your memory lane.

What is your purpose in this birth of yours? Well, that is completely up to you and your fate. Maybe you would not realize it right now, but you definitely will. One day or the other.

Whatever the prupose is, there is just one thing that you need to realize. You are as important as how important the sun is in the solar system. You are worth it. That is why God chose YOU to walk the path of life here.

You were here to make a difference and you can. HE and we all have that faith in you. Start today. Your life is much more beautiful than you really think it is.

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  1. Confused as to which you propound. Creationism or Darwinism :) Hope you shed some light. Great work for a beginner :) Keep blogging :)

  2. To address the above comment, i don't think she was trying to elucidate as to how we came into existence but rather WHY. So this rules out the possibilities of she trying to propound Creationism or Darwinism.

    And i also agree with the above comments, was a good read.

  3. This is a really good question. The universe is a magnificent place where there are infinite possibilities and unexplainable mysteries. Why were we born is an unexplainable mystery in a scientific point. There is no radical answer for this because there are just some things that science cannot reach or we’re just not that intelligent enough to think it through. If we were born in this world for a reason, then why do were bother thinking about ‘Why were we born?’ rather than ‘What should we be doing?’ We see this universe and this life in our own perception and concepts. But there is no logical explanation. Scientist keeps creating various theories on how life began starting from the dawn of the big bang and how we evolved. Is this really necessary? Are we to unfold the deep mysteries of the universe?

    There is always a religion that goes beyond what we perceive. According to Buddhism there is no person, self, he, she, we or animal. The world around us is not created by the idea of a self. The Five Aggregates (Five Skandhas) help to get rid of the idea self. Once the idea of self is removed from one’s mind we can look at happiness and suffering by not being exposed to the unfairness of alternating hope and fear. The Five Skandhas are:

    1. Form (rupa) – This teaches us the five physical organs (eye, ear, nose, tongue, body) and the corresponding sense organs (sight, sound, smell, taste, tangible objects)

    2. Sensation (vedana) – Pleasant, unpleasant and indifferent which corresponds in falling into an emotional tone, the tone on pleasure, the tone of displeasure or the tone of indifference.

    3. Perception (sanna) – Turning an unknown experience into a known one

    4. Mental Formation (sankhara) – mental habits, ideas, thoughts, opinions

    5. Consciousness (vinnana) – awareness or sensitivity to an object.
    Buddhism also says that we are born to receive our consequences (vipaka) for the things we have done in our previous lives.

    A person who is wise is born to learn the true meaning of life and becomes enlightened and that they will not be born again. This means that there is no suffering in life again and Buddha has said that he will not be born again.

    The others are born to indulge in the desires in life.

    According to Buddhism it is believed that we are reborn again according to our Karma. Our body ages and dies but our soul still wanders into a new life and gets reborn. So does the purpose of life change when we are reborn? Are we reborn to redo everything all over again? We live to seek happiness and bare the suffering. No matter how much happiness you get, though the happiness also we receive suffering.

    We suffer for 3 reasons according to Buddhism.

    1. Suffering as a painful feeling/sensation (dukkha-vedana) – By this we are forced to change. Change creates a different perspective. We also suffer by diseases and the last struggle of life brings us death.

    2. Suffering as a characteristic of nature (dukkha-lakkhana) – Our body, mind and mental formations (sankara) are being burdened.

    3. Suffering as a noble truth (dukkha-sacca) – Explains the truth of suffering. Birth is suffering, aging is suffering, sickness is suffering, dissociation from the loved is suffering, not to get what one wants is suffering. Basically the five aggregates (skandhas) are suffering (dukkha).

    Our purpose of life is not to be questioned but to seek of what it is. It’s our own perception that drives us to where are now and what we will be doing in the future.

    Buddha has said “Do not dwell in the past; do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.”

  4. I do agree that there are neither miracles nor luck. It’s you who drives you and it’s your dedication that makes you for who you are now and what you will be in the future. You choose your own path and walk towards it and possibilities are endless. There are no limitations in what you do. It all just a mere thought of thinking out of the box. Your purpose is solely based on your own perception and seeking what it is can be done by you and only you. And yes, you are alone. The truth is out there somewhere.

    During our life you will suffer, enjoy, smile, cry, and so on… but no matter what there is always something inside of you that drives you every single day. Find it and enlighten it.

    I am a person who has suffered pain to its very breaking point. I have smiled and laughed. I have succeeded in stuffs, and failed in stuffs. I have made mistakes, and I learn though mistakes. No matter what I go through, something keeps driving me. Sometimes I, myself cannot believe how did I get thought all of this and still I’m here standing strongly. Maybe is just the way of life or it’s a force created by our Karma. Whatever it is, I am glad that I am here. No matter what people say, life is always beautiful. You are unique in your own way. No one can tear you apart. Be yourself!
    I'm not stating any facts, but just my opinion.

    Really nice article Kripa.