Advanced Level Exams Crisis

11:42 PM

Every keen student's wish is to bring glory to themselves. Every single student wishes that through studies they can repay their parents back by working hard and doing their exams well. But, what do you think happens when you have done your part but, the examining body has failed?


There has been quite a mess with the Srilankan A/L examination results this lately. I know quite a number of my friends who were supposed to produce excellent results with their capabilities but ended up with just a few simple passes.

Whether its the Examining body's fault or deliberate carelessness, at the end of the day, it does not matter. The student's mental equilibrium is disturbed. He/she loses hope. Exams will never be as crucial as it should be. Nothing will seem to interest nor give hope to them anymore.

This, I'm talking through experience. Well, I did not take the Local Sri Lankan examination, but the London examination. One may expect all well known examining bodies to keep up their reputation and be fair amongst all children. But this was not the case, I came to realize through the hard way.

Just like every student who was waiting for their results, I too, had my expectations. But, when the results were out, I had failed the subjects that I thought I would excel in. First I thought, there was a printing mistake in the results sheet, but then I realised, if my teachers had to give me looks of sympathy, it had to be more than that.

What really happened to me was that, I lost control of my mind. I thought I could never do anything after that. That there wasn't any hope left. That for every right thing one does, there is no justice.

I had put my paper for re-correction, but it seemed that I couldn't get past a simple pass (which is not what I still wanted). I knew that if I could gain the subject prizes for that subject (English Language) at school, I definitely didn't deserve to be failed.

I did not give up yet. I definitely did not want to correct their mistakes. I knew it was going to be like expecting snow fall during summer and their was no point at all. I knew my capability and I knew that at-least some place would recognize my worth.

The same essay (with a bit more modification) that I had written for my exam, I published for a competition and when the results were out, that essay gained the 1st prize for the Colombo district level.

I did not fail. An examining body could fail me, but I did not.

Things may go wrong but that doesn't give you a reason to shut yourself from the world around you and whine and cry all life. You need to get up from where you fell and show them all your worth. You need to primarily believe in yourself and your capabilities.

There will definitely be a place that will recognize YOUR talents and your WORTH. You just have to regain your self...

...because at the end of the day, no matter what happens, only one thing remains.

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  1. If you have the strength to stand up and restart from where you fell down you can succeed in life.

    A lot of students fall mentally when they don't receive the results they've expected. The only way to overcome this is by focusing your mind to an aim or objective, because your mind is the most powerful tool in the universe..

    My mentality is very strong as I once when through pure torture and I realized one thing is that if you can set your mind to something, you can achieve it.

    1. I can never agree with you more. You're doing great. Your mind can accept reality and you're not intimidated by what is going to come up next...

      Results is not the end of the world. There is hope.
      Infinite hope.

      And thanks for your comments Sikuru :)

  2. by the way.. awesome article.