Is there any need for the Valentines' Hype?

11:15 PM

So I open up my Facebook page and I have a dozen party invites to the hyped up parties in town regarding "Valentine's Day".

This whole notion of celebrating a "Valentines Day", is absurd as far as I think. What's the point of buying your loved ones chocolates and taking them out on a Candle light dinner on February 14th, when, the right next day you go back to them and say "Can you for once just leave me in peace?!!"

Okay, so we get it. You like to impress her(/him), but you should do it more often you know; not just on that one universally hyped up day.

If you are commited, then maybe you would feel its the hallmark of the year. But come to think of it. Its just another day. Its not a public holiday, its not her birthday, its not your anniversary. Its just another day. Besides, its only going to make the "Singles" out there feel out of place.

If you all think its a day for you'll to prove your love...
No folks its not. If she really loves you, she's not looking for just one day where you should drown her in a pool of roses. She will really appreciate it if you could hold her hand forever no matter what.

And the singles out there, we are together. Get back to your normal work! There really isn't any reason you should be brooding over something you lost. Come on!!!

So don't go with the trend. Just because its some internationally fabricated day doesn't mean you should follow what the society is doing. Just be the way you normally would be. You will have nothing else to worry.

If you think you have way too many chocolates now, do one thing. Give it away to a child you see on the road on your way to college, or work or whatever.
Make them smile. Trust me. It WILL make your day!

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  1. Very nicely constructed, i'm with you in this and i don't believe on this day either, but assuming you celebrate your traditional religious festivals, is it right to point out the absurdity only on this day?. Because i don't see any difference. Would like to hear your stance on that. And good job on this article.

    1. First of all, thanks alot for your compliments.
      And as to reply to your question. Yes I am from a background that follows alot of traditional customs, hence, we have a couple of festivals as well. If I was to find the religious festivals absurd, it is almost equivalent to a pure Catholic finding Christmas an utter waste. Religious festivals are those which define our culture. And I beleive its the only thing that remains of our ancestors. They allow your whole family to get together, have fun, share happiness around. It is a religious custom and I don't think anyone is following it because of the social norm.
      Whereas a normal fabricated day as VD, is just a waste of time and money. My point is not the fact that there is a day as Valentines day(because for some it may just come as Christmas), but the fact that there is so much drama in just one day. So many chocolates, so many expensive gifts, so many not-so-real proposals. If you want to show your loved ones care and comfort and all that, it should'nt be just one day. It should be everyday.
      The difference that i find between the two days is the drama. It is actually the DRAMA that I find absurd.

    2. I couldn't agree with you more on this, as you said, it is the drama involved on it. Nailed it spot on. But still i found some extremely contradicting statements in your answer. Firstly these religious festivals are indeed designated by society. Although being a Non Christian i know for a fact that nowhere in bible does it say to celebrate Christmas, And Diwali was not in any Hindu Scriptures either, My point is that there is same amount of Drama in these days too, i.e Christmas Shopping and what not, (any festive shopping for that matter etc.) So isn't there money being wasted? Isn't it like your being reminded about the Divine one only on that day? I still don't see how these days are any less fabricated than VD itself. Doesn't both these days have a significant amount of similarities? The salient issue that i see is that any excuse for the people to celebrate something, we tolerate it. We have an option of either amalgamating these days and eradicating them from our calendars (a highly unlikely choice) or tolerate them.
      And i would like to thank you for your responsiveness, being a blogger and having a keen eye for blogs, it's very rare to see authors react to questions like you do. Thank you for your time and please do let me know of what you think. Thanks again.

    3. The main idea about Christmas, and any other related festivals in most cases is the celebration as almost everyone in society gets together and share their happiness and joy. It is a reunion of family members and it is an opputunity to share love to people around you. Definetly the Bible may not say you have to celebrate Christmas, but then, people are doing it because they are getting an oppurtunity to fly to their home from any part of the world just to be with their family and enjoy that time as a family to their fullest.However Christmas and even Diwali, is there anything unusual about it? The usual stuff that happens everyday happens on that day as well. People go to temples every once a week, and Christians go for their Sunday mass on Sundays. And even on Christmas and Diwali, you are doing the same. There's nothing different about it. Maybe the only difference is that people want their Christmas shopping done, but i view it only as a reason that the family is down under one roof and they want to get into that festive spirit.
      I am from a religion which follows alot festivals which happen annually, but most often than not, we give equal importance to almost all. No special significance other than visiting temples and wishing and praying for everyones good-health happen. And it is not only on that day. Everyday we pray. There are alot of people who still will not pay a visit to a temple even on the day of a festival. But that's how people view that day.
      Valentines Day, on the other hand,in my country is just popular only in recent times. I feel the majority is blindly following a trend to fit into society.
      Christmas and festivals brings society together, and indulge in joy and happiness. But can you say its the same with Valentines Day? I dont think so.

    4. Thank you for your swift reply, i actually checked back to see if you did... Well you did :)
      And i must say i was really moved by your answer, and i have a different perspective on these Cultural festivals (i.e religious... i'm being politically correct!) now. It was nirvana for me, although i'm not thoroughly convinced with the fact that festivals don't bring society together, because i hasten to point out that, the way i see it, It's fueling the already exponentially increasing gap between the rich and the poor. But that's just me.
      I really respect your view though. I learned from it too. Tell me if you agree with me on that point or not, and hey i would like you to take a look at my blog and hear what you think about it (of course if your interested that is!). Thanks a bunch!

    5. Sure, please send me the link of your blog. Would love to read it

  2. krippaaaa :D love your blog! ;)
    by the way, Valentine's Day is a day to celebrate the spirit of LOVE! And that doesn't mean only couples are entitled to engage in this celebration. and as you said, it makes "singles" feel out of place. The word "single" sounds demeaning. nobody is single or alone - everybody has got someone they love, be it their friends or family. we all could celebrate Valentine's with them! =)
    for ex: Mother's Day - that's celebrated by everyone all around the world. But shouldn't mothers be honored every day for all the hardships they've been going through to shape our personalities and make us who we are today? certainly, that couldn't have been possible in just one day! so why express our gratitude to mothers just once a year?
    sigh* you see Kripa, all of this just keeps the world going! all these meaningless days have been originated in the past, several hundred years ago, when people weren't aware of what is right and wrong.
    lol, too much eh? all i'll say now is, LOVE is all around you. so keep that love going! I LOOOVVVEEE YOUU!! :D
    happy Valentine's Day! ;)
    mwah! mis you loadz!

    1. Thanks for the compliments! :)

      "by the way, Valentine's Day is a day to celebrate the spirit of LOVE! And that doesn't mean only couples are entitled to engage in this celebration. " EXACTLY my point. That is why, in the latter part of my post I talk about giving away the chocolates to someone other than your other partner. A child. If you were to show your love enormously on that one day, why not shower a child with that same love? Many of us wont. Why? Because, they find that NOTION a bit lame.
      Today I celebrated VD with my family and friends. And that alone was good. It was really good. And alot of singles joined me as well. Its just the drama that makes these "singles" out of place, as far as I have noticed.
      Its just a social beleif, thats all. Its not upto us to change that. Whether its just one day among teh rest of the 365 days, or whether its the whole year, its upto us how we are giong to show our love and care to the others among us.
      (...and btw, your name please? Your writing seems scarily similar )