When Forever Ends...

9:56 PM

                                     - Krishnakripa Jayakumar

You stand there with everything lost;
I realize that my insights are lost;
Your heart's about to swell and break I know
For in your heart did I bore that deep, deep hole

I learnt to spell love with you
I wiped off all my tears on you
We lived life, 
just the way we wanted to
And now in your absence I realize,
how much I miss you

Then you asked me what I did lose
Everything dear, everything including you
Please understand me,
for you know, there's no one else who can do
I loved you deeply and my love was true

"Sorry" is all that I can now say
Everything's over
and the smile fades off from your face
I didn't mean to hurt you
It all just happened somehow
If only you were in my shoes,
you would know what I feel like right now!

And one day even if my picture 
fades away from your mind
I'll walk beside you, down the aisle of life
Remember me always...
but never love me one more time
For the ordeal is too much,
that I can barely survive...

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