No more wasted away

11:22 PM

                                -Krishnakripa Jayakumar

My hands too numb, my body freezing cold,
I allowed the last tear to fall ,
Nothing was more tempting
than to answer God’s call
for I just couldn’t bear this pain any long

Here I stand a person so lonely,
so tired and so weary 
Just one last time, I want to see,
the faces which destiny has fordidded me
Why cant we all be like before? Why cant we?

Where was mother, and my father?
Were they all still far away from me?
What bout brother and my dear sister?
Were they so blind that they still couldn't see me?

I walked down the streets,
somewhere far far away,
where no one could ever reach

Why did everyone carry hatred towards me?
Were I that bad or is that how things were supposed to be?

In the dark and cruel land I lay,
familiar faces started drifting away
My veins crippled, my soul taken away
I heard “His” call…
and I knew I’m no more wasted away...

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  1. Did you write this? I almost got tears reading it.. Its like so touching..

  2. Vithulan LinganathanApril 28, 2012 at 11:19 AM

    :O omg this is hauntingly beautiful, never knew you could write like this :')

    1. Vithulan LinganathanMay 4, 2012 at 1:26 AM

      eeeee :) this is awesome :) im soo proud of you my child :P