The lie she believed

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And so she stood in the middle of the garden. Alone. Terrified. Insecure. All for the very first time in her life. Even the love of her life deserted her at this very point. She cried, ‘cuz this was the first time she realized she was made useless. She started to re call all that happened.

Adam and herself had a good time together that even God enjoyed spending time together with them. They found joy and happiness and everything went well until Eve heard a voice speaking directly to her, that she hadn’t listened previously in this garden. It was like
this mysterious yet dazzling voice was making Eve think of things that she’d never thought of before. She was promised Independence from God and Adam. She was promised that she would also be looked up to, just like God. And she was also promised of knowledge that no one other than God knew. And then the creature lured Eve to take a bite of the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge that God had forbidden them to eat from.

She believed the serpent. She ate from the tree she was not supposed to eat. Adam ate too. What happened afterwards was a different kind of feeling they both had never felt before. Freedom. Insecurity. Afraid. Confident. Above all feelings, they felt ashamed. They looked down at their naked bodies and only felt ashamed about being that way for the very first time.

God abandoned them from the Garden of Eden since he was furious over what happened. Adam and Eve had not been on good terms ever since then. Seeds of doubt started invading Eve’s heart. She had always known Adam would love her, but now she doubted if Adam really loved her and whether he wished he had found someone else other than her.

Adam constantly kept blaming Eve for having eaten the fruit from that tree. Yes, it was partly Eve’s fault, but Adam was right there with her when she had a bite of it. He dared not stop her. In fact, he ate the fruit as well.

Eve was lied to. Satan’s promise to Eve was “Your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil” (Genesis 3:5). It was a very fabricated lie, that anyone would believe. She was unfortunate enough to have believed it, and ever since then, everything changed.

All of us are like Eve at many points in our lives,. We are constantly being lied to. We are all promised things, which will never be a part of our lives, simply for the fact that it was not destined to. We are all struggling today because of one reason. We are being deceived day by day.

If you take the case of the apple, the apple would never have brought so much temptation if not for the fact that it was appealing to the eye. That is what is happening these days as well. Everything (most of them) good to the outside, or everything appealing to the eyes, are a dressed up deception. But the sad part is, not everyone will realize they are being deceived. It takes time, and it takes a broken heart to realize where they went wrong.It would be too late to go back to the beginning.  And like how Adam and Eve felt exposed and ashamed of their bodies once they realised  they had acted upon a lie, we also tend to feel so exposed.

 But there is one thing you can do. You can rise up from where you fell, or rather, you can rise from where they purposely pushed u to. And like Adam, you may not really have anyone to have your back. No one may stay by your side. But that’s fine. It doesn’t matter. ‘Cuz in the end, this is your fight. You, and only you will fight for your place here. No one else will

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  1. Really beautiful article.. i liked how you coined Genesis into the point in which you were trying to make.. (also i never thought you knew quite so much about the bible)..

    Since this article revolves around Eve, Adam's wife,

    Let me tell you about another woman Adam was believed to have associated with, (before the creation of Eve that is!)

    Lilith, (Supposedly Adam's first wife!)

    she is a character that should really intrigue you! and again

    Excellent work on the article! Keep it coming!