Mistakes - a part of life?

1:13 AM

You need to make mistakes in order to learn.

How many of you have ever heard this sentence in your life? Once? Twice? Never(In that case, you have heard it now then)? But my question really is, how many people mean it when they say that. Not many. You may wonder why I am dealing with such a minor point, but I'll get to it.

We have all, and mind you I'm emphasizing on the word "all", made mistakes in some point in our lives. When we were kids, we may have tried playing with fire even when our parents forbade us from doing so and got ourselves burnt. We may have lied consistently and got caught. We may have stolen someone else's pencil case. Countless situations. But with our parents' help we learnt from them and knew it well enough that it was foolish of us to repeat them over again.

And then we grew up and started playing the risky game of making mistakes.We are still in the game. With or without our knowledge, we are making mistakes. But unlike the times when we were a kid, this time, the only difference is that, you need to get up on your own and  dust yourself up without the help of anyone but yourself. Yes, you are the one who is going to realize when you have made a mistake, and like one of my really good friends said "Anyone will make mistakes, but the greatness in it is realizing it and not making it one more time".

I have made a lot of mistakes. Afterall, Life never came with instructions. Some I want to forget, some I wish was a nightmare, some for no fault of mine. But the pain remains. It always does. Sometimes it never goes. But when it quietly subsides, I know it was only a lesson for me. An eye-opener. Something I blindly believed in. Something I wish will never happen again.

But I ask you, throughout all that, throughout all the pain you bury inside, will there really be anyone on your side saying you "Its alright. It was a mistake. Forget about it. It will pass" ? (If you do, then you have someone really great to count on). You will only find criticisms from all sides piercing right through you that you will not be able to stand for long.Sometimes, the world that is pointing fingers at you may not even realize that you were just victimized by someone else. All they are bothered about is to find a flaw. But that's the way the world works. No one's going to come and tell you , you were great when you did something great. But when you slipped somewhere in the middle of your journey, no one ever stops commenting. Not even your closest friend.

The reason I jotted this down now is because I am realizing that mistakes are inevitable. But it creates the most powerful experiences for you to continue your journey. Mistakes are not a crime. Everyone makes them but no one is ever willing to accept it and hence start comparing the depth of theirs and others' mistakes. Small or big. A mistake is a mistake. But just don't be ashamed of it. Be happy that you learnt something valuable from it. I have met some, who are afraid of making mistakes, who "think" they have never made any mistakes, and who hates other people who make mistakes. Just so you know, try laughing at your own mistakes 'cuz that will help you look at it with a good perspective, but please... please don't laugh at others' mistakes, because you never know how much they would have had to suffer, for the sole reason you have never walked in their shoes.

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