A New Kind of Love

10:50 PM

The world around her
twisted and swayed.
So pale and sick she stayed.
Surrounded by a world so insane
Devouring her in agony and pain

Sometime back she was in his arms
But today she stands, worlds apart
Gone are the blithe memories and
the mistletoe branch
And now she had to accept fate,
there was no other chance

He walked away slowly and silently
Looked into her eyes one last time
Darkness fell upon them,
 as mist and heavy clouds
“Sorry” was the last word she heard,
coming from his mouth

She slept until the moonlight
on the rivers gleamed
And cried until dawn broke
and roosters awoke from their sleep
Day and night she was bound to criticisms
But deep deep within she found a speck of optimism

She seemed to be avoiding everything
Her youth seemed to be ending
Behind every word she spoke
was something he never tried to understand
Above all, the thought of him abandoning her
was more than what she could withstand

She was too young
To carry this new life in her
If only she had been careful, she thought,
She wouldn't have suffered
But then she heard a vein throb
apart from hers
That’s when she felt a new inborne power-
The love of a mother

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  1. You are so smart and gifted to write such a beautiful thing. :)

  2. Alage bramanidam manu kodukka poiruntheen
    nee en manaiviyaga vendum endru
    aandu pala kaathirukka vendum endru avan sonnaan
    aayul varai kaathirupeen endru naanum solliruntheen

    En aasai niraiverumaa kripa?
    en tholi neeum solladi kripa..

    Expectation of reply: "Nadakkum nadakkum naan kuda solgireen"


    - Raajathi raaja raja kambeera raja kula thilaka ... (angala solla maatan)

    1. -____-

      Its better to be disappointed cuz you won't get that reply

      Btw, Sollu kannu, nee yaru? :P

  3. Nee keeta naan solidanuma? sari sari, konjam over-a than unna pugalnthitan pola.. :P

    Athu than sonane 'Raajathi raaja raja kambeera..' endu. :D Venumna clue tharan kandu pudikiriya? enaku thala mudi ellam romba surula irukum.. ;)