Tomorrow is yet...another day

7:48 PM

You wake up in the morning. But then you surrounded by profound sadness of facing another new day. You are so disappointed in you and the world that revolves around you that you don’t want to blend in with the progress of the day.

Then you think, why do I have to dread the fact of facing a new day all by myself? Is it because I’m afraid of making the same mistake again or is it because the surrounding environment is retarding my growth, my happiness, my own sense of culture?

But what I have noticed all along the way is that we are afraid to face a new day because we feel that no one is looking out for us. No one really cares so much about the things that you do, unless you have failed, unless you have made a mistake. We expect people who we are currently attached to, to be with us all along the way. But that may well just be as far fetched as it seems. Relationships on this earth are never permanent and they never will be. They are just an illusion. When we realize, sooner or later how true this is, that is when you are hit with remorse for your life. You are left with no one now and the weird thing is that, the WORLD does not care. The world is happy as it is and you are on your own. How does that feel? Doesn’t that feel great?

I found that the real reason why facing a new day can be intimidating is because you feel no one is bothered about you, no one would try to understand you and that you will never be given the kindness and the assurance that someone is watching out for you. Every single soul needs love, compassion and a feeling that their presence is recognized. Sadly it doesn’t happen these days. You don’t want to face people because you are afraid they wouldn’t recognize you. 

Everybody needs compassion and kindness. It’s a rarity you find these days. Even a hard heart can be moved by a simple smile and a lending shoulder. Why is it so hard for someone to offer words of comfort, or atleast smile back when you smile? 

You can never guarantee that the relationship you have with this world is always happy-go-lucky. But when things go wrong and you feel dejected, you can always believe. We go on through life believing that someone out there is going to be happy when you do something great, someone out there is going to join in your sadness when you feel low and that someone out there is going to have your back when you fall. It may not happen sooner. But it will happen nevertheless.

The trick is to not get discouraged at what is trying to get you down. BELIEVE that even though now is not the time for you, it will come, eventually. Until that, you don't need to please others, you don't need to brood over things. Carry on with what you are comfortable with. You definitely don't have to fit in. Just hang in there for a while. Everything else will happen just the way it was intended to happen. 

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  1. "It's like a finger pointing away to the moon, don't focus on your finger or else you will miss all that heavenly glory"
    This is an old chinese proverb that i think best suits the ordeal that you are currently portraying. I'm afraid i completely disagree with what you have said. Firstly, from what i read, i think the gist of what your article states is that, now, at this moment there might not be a person/people to accept/love and cherish for who you are but don't lose hope, sooner or later such a person might come into your life and so just carry on with what makes you happy. If my analogy is not wrong then, my question is that instead of paying attention to all those who deject you, why don't you try to recognize all those who love and cherish you for who you are? I'm pretty sure that you as an individual are surrounded by at least a handful of people who love you for who you are. Why don't YOU recognize them? Like the proverb i had mentioned, you are overwhelmed and thus focus only on the ordeal (the finger) and lose all those people who are ready to accept you (the moon). Why don't you instead of just waiting and hoping that things would "happen just the way it was intended to happen" and start seeking towards it and making things happen? that is, seek out to people you accept you and write your own destiny? The world that you portray in your article is a cruel world, and i beg to differ because i don't see it that way. The world always presents all that you want right in front of you eyes and the fault is yours if you can't see it. In your case, you couldn't see the affection, love and care that people around you offer to you, you couldn't see the person who smiles at you within the same crowd of people who deject you. And so i would ask you to seek out to those people instead out waiting for things to come to you. Because they will never. The "trick" is to seek and you shall find. And should you want proof if what i had stated will work, refer history for it is partly made out of stories of men and women who have sought what they want and lived not a life but a legacy. And please don't allow this comment to serve you as an advice, this is just an ardent fan of you critiquing your work. But i must give credit to you writing, its immaculate. Keep it up!

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