How do I create a .p12 file?

6:48 PM

First most important thing: You cannot sign in your app without a private key!

Private keys are very important and should be always kept safe, because if they are missing, you will have a to face alot of difficulties. Your certificates will not work, you will see alot of error messages in Xcode, "No valid signing identity found" , blah blah blah! You will have to go throught the whole process again! 

.p12 file is a combined format that includes both your certificate and your private key together. Most modern signing utilities make use of this format.

Since all the major steps have been completed in the certificate creation (you can have a look at this tutorial from here), creating the .p12 file is a simple task. To do this...

1. In Keychain access > Categories > and you can see the Certificate you just created. Click the expand button next to it and you can see the private key that was generated with the certificate. Cmd click both the Certificate and the private key . Right click > Export 2 items. Save your .p12 file to disk.

2. Don’t forget to keep a backup of this file safely. You can double click and run this file on any Mac and you are good to go.

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