Would you have chosen Jay Gatsby over Tom Buchanan?

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Yes, I am talking about the characters from “The Great Gatsby”. I am sure you may have either read the Fritzgerald classic or watched the box office sensation that came out in the year 2013 (or both). Honestly, the movie does justice to the book, which is a very rare occurrence when whirling the characters and words from a book into the rolling cameras.

Though it is a classic, sometimes I am not quite sure it can be classified as such. It has a storyline very similar to contemporary reality. But somehow I guess, things were very different in that bygone era and this was the best dramatic love story of all time. Sigh!

I am not planning on writing a review, but an interesting thought just popped into my mind.

If you were Daisy, would you have chosen Jay Gatsby over Tom?

I know of a lot of girls who would say, “Yes I would definitely have chosen Gatsby.” And if you ask why, they simply go, “He loved Daisy with all his life“. But that's about it. No more reasons!

Alright. He loved her with all her life. Agreed. But what Daisy wanted was protection. She was an insecure little woman all her life and she wanted someone who could protect her. And Gatsby, even after years of earning to impress her, would never have been able to give her the protection she needed. So she stays with Tom. Listening to him make decisions for her.

She was a fool. A beautiful little fool. A poor little rich girl. To her, at the end of the day, money rules love. She falls in love with Gatsby, but she decided to marry Tom because he has the wealth.

My heart definitely reaches out to Gatsby. He is a fool in love, who thinks, earning a bit of money to show off would get his love back. He should have had more brains than to think that someone who rejected him, on her accord, over his wealth one time, will never be impressed.

If you ask me whether I'd choose Gatsby or Tom, if I were Daisy…

No. I would never wish to be Daisy because her mind and personality disgusts me. But, in her shoes, if I were to choose someone I would have chosen to stick by Tom. I gave my vows in marriage to him and I will not want to break my promises. Tom supported me, and he protected me. And to top it all, I am bearing Tom Buchanan’s child. If I decide to go back to Gatsby, then I should never have fallen in love with Tom’s worldly possessions and himself in the first place. 

I loved Gatsby in a long-gone time. But I also decided to marry Tom. If I am making a decision to stay with Gatsby, I should never have given into marriage.

My husband (Tom), slept with another woman, but I am going to forgive him, because, if he leaves me, I wouldn’t have someone giving me the security I needed.

Daisy was still a child who hasn’t grown up, mentally. She needed someone who would make decisions for her, someone who would provide her wealth and someone who would protect her. With her mindset, she (I) would never have gone for Gatsby.

Now that the Daisy in I have stated I will go for Tom, my real self, feels disgusted at myself. But that’s sadly how this whole love thing works. Gatsby loved me with all his heart, to go to the extent of being someone he never was just to win over me. But I, on the other hand, fall in love with another man and give myself to him in marriage.

But I hate the character Daisy so much because she was a selfish, conceited and a stupid little woman. How I really wish Gatsby got her back. She had a choice, but she married Tom. That’s what infuriates me. Not everyone would have had a chance to marry someone they really wanted and this woman gets it and she blows it up for money. Her husband was bedding another woman and he has absolutely no integrity and Daisy STILL chooses to stay with him. I hate the character to bits and I will never like “The Great Gatsby” as much as I’d want to, because of the sole fact that she could have always gone for what her heart yearned for at the start, a luxury many don’t have, but she ultimately chose money.

Now, you... who would you have chosen? Jay or Buchanan?

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  1. You watched Take this waltz right? Do you think what Margot did was right?

    1. Nope. I don't think what she did was right.

  2. I don't hate Daisy, but I do feel contemptuous toward her. I dislike Tom. And as for Jay, I both pity him and feel slightly contemptuous toward him.