Favorite Movie Moments - Godfather

3:52 PM

Tell me one person who hasn't watched or heard of Godfather. I'll persuade him to do so (not strictly speaking, so...don't redirect anyone to me). WHY? Because Al-Pacino is one hell of an actor and his acting has moved me so much so, that he is one of my favorite actors of all time! But this blog post isn't about Al Pacino, but rather one of my favorite moments in his movie, The Godfather.

There are a lot of scenes to be named when it comes to this particular movie, but let me pick out my favorite from it all.

"The great Horse Head scene."

I remember the excitement and the awe-struck expression I had when I saw that scene for the first time. The acting so natural and the expected revenge that lead to an unexpected scenario.

*Spoiler ahead*

Jack Waltz turns down a request from Don Corleone and since he is someone who is not accustomed to getting his requests turned down, punishes him by presenting him with the head of his favorite racehorse on his bed.
That scene was perfectly natural because Jack Waltz never expected a real Horse Head in his bed (yes, that horse head was freaking real) and he is as dumbfounded as the rest of us are.

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  1. " Hi Kripa, I am Siva.
    Naan itha solliye aaganum.
    Nee avalavu gundu..

    sorry sorry, nee avalavu alagu...
    Inga evanum ivalavu alagaa oru..
    Ivalavu alaga paarthirukka maattaanga.. "

    Last line-um sollalaam thaan. but bayamma irukku (enakku) :D
    Ippa vitta, ithu maathiri oru chance kidaikaathu. Ipave call pannu. Naama velila poitu varalaam

    (kidacha santhosham, but adi vaangina naan porupu illa)

  2. Al Pacino is undoubtedly a great actor. I haven't watched Godfather yet but you have convinced me enough so that now I'll watch it tonight for sure.

    Kunik Goel