Broken Wings

8:08 PM

I am a free bird,
with shattered wings.
Let me live and taste the springs.
I pleaded.
Only silence answered.

With broken wings,
I’m flying
Facing death,
Yet still trying.
On hope, I’m still relying.
Don’t want to believe,
I’m slowly dying.

Crushed dreams.
Silent screams.
In the midst of time I’m falling apart.
Rescue me,
That’s all I ask

An eternity still awaits.
Its too early to give into fate.
None will appear,
when you are in need.
Only you can unwound,
the life you bleed.

You realize the beauty of flight,
when you can't fly anymore.
Everything appears bright,
when you are able to,
step into the light no more.

You laugh at me.
Pointing at the wings,
That failed me this one time
Cut it, chop it, Burn it
Do whatever it takes to bring me down.
I’ll soar higher than the rest, one day...
And on that day,
I will leave you forever and keep you at bay...
For, my happiness is not yours to haul away.

Angel with broken wings | by ShohorBondi

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  1. This is great! How do you do this mannnn! You sould become a poet :D

    1. Thank you Sikuruuuu. Haha, if all fails, I'll try to resort to it maybe? ;) :P

  2. Never we will never laugh at you.
    It's not a broken wing you only feel it.
    Your courage never fails we know that.
    Cut it, chop it, Burn it… the negatives but not your thoughts :) 

    1. Thank you for that Sajith. It's nice to hear :D. Thanks