Little Treasures found: A friend's write-up about me

10:43 AM

I came across this article where my friend had written about me, and honestly, I had totally forgotten that it was just two years ago. It was when the new Rotaract Club was formed for the year 2012 at my University, Informatics Institute of Technology. I just felt like sharing it here, on my own blog, because something like that, I feel, should be treasured.

The write-up is here:

Rtr. Krishnakripa Jayakumar

Editor (2012-2013)

Compiled by Sai Ma Devakumaran

The empress of the Seventh Soul Mountain a short beautiful lady with truly innocent eyes that targets the unbelievably unexpected (haha) is none other than Kripa Jayakumar who is most lovingly known as ‘Gundoos’, The Lady Genius in IT who passes all her exams with flying colors recently revealed the secret of her success which ultimately turned out to be a drink that increases memory power and concentration (lol) She is a wise soft spoken girl who is very thoughtful about others. What I truly admire about her is that she is someone who never comments on anyone at any circumstance. She is someone who speaks less but a glimpse of food makes her open her mouth very easily. If she ever loves something, they are books as you can always find her with a book or a laptop in hand. Last but not the least I will never forget to mention about her writing skills! She is a really good writer, owning a blog with her little beautiful writings. I’m sure she will have a bright future ahead. I wish her all the very best from the bottom of my heart..

You can read the complete article here:

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