The poison and the antidote

3:02 PM

My ears heard the sound of heartbreak
When your silence surrounded that night as I lay awake
The poison in me made my heart ache
A poison so strong, no antidote could ever forsake

My eyes saw the depth of heartbreak
When that smile on your face was nothing but fake
A pain so real , killing me in blinding light
Why did I let that part of us die that night?

My body felt the sting of heartbreak
When it cried itself to sleep when you stayed away
Your love was a promise, but a promise at stake
Now all the places you touched me asks me why I’m making this mistake

The antidote is strong but the poison is stronger
To taste one means saying goodbye to one and the other
Ten thousands of thoughts running in my mind yet no words to say
How much I wished we found love in a different place on a different day.

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